Friday Fun Session

At JLTi, I conduct an half an hour learning session every Friday from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM. It is regularly attended by 10 to 20 enthusiastic engineers from JLTi Singapore and Mumbai office and a few from JLT Regional IT. We call it Friday Fun Session.

We started it from Jan 2017 and so far we made it every week except 2 when we missed it dearly due to public holiday.

As of we now we discuss data structure, algorithm, and machine learning among others.

For every Friday Fun Session, I will also post a blog.

I am also creating a group beyond JLTi with like-minded enthusiastic lifelong learners. In future, we might organize a regular tech meetup!

If you are outside JLTi and interested to join this journey please write to me. I would be very glad to include you in our learners’ family.

And finally, thank you all so much who participate in the session, and encourage me to continue it. It is only you who made it a success so far.

Complete list of topics covered so far.



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